Solar Panels and Its Possible Applications

Solar Panels and Its Possible Applications

Solar energy is making waves around the world. It is currently one of the most important sources of clean energy. Due to its numerous benefits, including an abundant power supply, environment-friendliness, and a one-time investment plan, solar panels are now highly demanded and currently trending. In case you also want to make the most out… Read More »

Top ways to make your home more energy efficient

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We are living in an age where although technological advancements have revolutionized the world, at the same time, it is going through an energy crisis. The current sources that are majorly being used are non-renewable resources, and they are rapidly depleting. In such a situation, it is better to look into options for the future… Read More »

Pure Water

Extraction of Pure Water from Solar-Powered Harvester

In today’s times, everything organic has more worth than the one artificially produced. The renewable form of energy in any way has more preference than that of the industrial produced one.

This new method is the extraction of Pure Water from Solar-Powered Harvester has become a hot topic in the past three years. Readout to find more about it!

Green Energy

Agrivoltaic Farming- Green Energy and Luxuriant Crops

In the current era in which everything organic and green gets preferred, renewable energy has also become a resource that is getting common amongst the people. The USA citizens show their interest in the new energy source as this is a source of green energy generation.

Agrivoltaic Farming is the technique of farming that allows two-way agriculture to take place on a single farm. Find out more about Agrivoltaic Farming- Green Energy and Luxuriant Crops!

Solar Energy

Production of Hydrogen From Solar Energy

Hydrogen is one of the most valuable elements that are beneficial in many fields. KE Leuven has made converting solar energy into hydrogen easy and affordable.

Solar Technology

Novel Ways of Using Solar Technology

Scientists have discovered novel ways of using Solar Technology for the most incredible maximum benefits. Anti-Solar Panels may generate power at night soon, and solar sunflowers could harvest more solar energy. Change the world to a better place.

Solar Power Generation

How Smog Control Can Increase Solar Power Generation

The harmful effects of smog have badly influenced air quality. If we keep strict control over the standards of air quality, solar radiation will increase. In addition to that, we will be able to produce a sufficient amount of solar energy.

Solar Energy

Can the U.S. Be Powered Only by Solar Energy?

Solar energy is another thing we should be grateful for. There are many uses of it through which we can get multiple benefits. We will discuss in the article why and how the U.S. will depend on Solar Energy.

Solar Energy

3 Benefits of Making School Go Solar

Renewable energy is now becoming a need. Schools should implement solar energy to create a positive effect on students and help save the planet.

Why is the future of solar energy bright?

The large-scale use of solar energy has been associated with a number of challenges in recent years. Ambitious price targets set high standards and rapid technological progress is needed to meet these expectations. However, the industry has excelled as the installation of solar modules will hit a record this year. According to recent research from… Read More »

What is the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide?

The California Utilities Agency has introduced new guidelines to protect consumers from unscrupulous sellers of solar energy. We explain what the guide says and how it will help California solar consumers. As of September 30, 2019, California solar installers must provide their customers with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Consumer Sun Protection Guide. A… Read More »

What are the benefits of solar energy?

Solar technology is used practically worldwide for off-grid and off-grid applications. Solar systems have many advantages over non-renewable energy technologies. Solar energy is the best way to generate energy at home Energy is an integral part of our life and its needs are constantly growing. Currently, most of the energy is produced in large power… Read More »

Trends in the Tesla-style solar module industry

Tesla’s solar department often made headlines in 2019, as it was involved in a number of product and program launches, as well as a large-scale solar scandal. In one of the biggest shocks of the year, Tesla’s solar module business started to reappear. Although he was once a solar giant, Tesla had fallen into the… Read More »

The best cell phone chargers for the solar battery for 2020

Here are our recommendations for the best solar battery chargers. 1. BEARTWO 10000mAh ultra-compact external batteries The BEAR TWO solar battery is our third choice for this category. It has good reviews online and among the hundreds of single-panel solar battery chargers on the market, BEAR TWO can be your best bet. Like all chargers… Read More »

SunPower no longer produces solar panels – here’s why

SunPower Corporation (SunPower) has announced its split into two separate companies.SunPower will continue to be a decentralized power generation company, while the new company Maxeon Solar Technologies (Maxeon Solar) will focus on manufacturing solar modules. Why this sudden division? How will it affect the solar market? Will this affect the amount customers pay for solar… Read More »

Space solar energy: the future source of energy?

What is space solar energy? With space solar energy (SBSP), energy is collected by the sun in space and then transmitted wirelessly to Earth. Solar energy has several advantages. Although costly, it is the cleanest renewable energy source that can provide more energy than the world uses or should use in the future. A spatial… Read More »

Main sources of energy for households

Solar panels Solar panels are at the top of the list of the most popular energy alternative sources that can be used in a home. Since you can power your home with a few panels if you’re looking for a little jump in energy efficiency, solar is a great way to disconnect from the grid… Read More »

How do solar panels work?

Everywhere you look, you see more and more solar panels. Most people already know that solar panels produce electricity and can be installed in households and businesses to save money on electricity bills. But if you’re the curious guy and you’re wondering, “How do solar panels work? Here’s how solar panels work: start over Let’s… Read More »

Coronavirus threatens the health of the global solar industry

The effects of the coronavirus in China, the world’s leading supplier of solar systems, are already posing major problems for the solar industry. The coronavirus is now a global health emergency, but the country most affected is the country where the virus first appeared: China. To prevent the spread of the virus, the country has… Read More »

California adopts solar law for a new home to be built starting in 2020

Have you heard that solar energy is good for the environment, but have you ever wondered why or how? In this article, we will discuss the various environmental benefits of solar energy to help you better understand the impact of renewable energy. Environmental benefits of solar energy There are many different reasons why solar energy… Read More »

Benefits of saving energy.

It’s never too late to save energy – the benefits add up! Some of the benefits of energy-saving awareness are: Save money with less energy If you change your habits to use less energy every day, you can save money on your energy costs. If you reduce your energy consumption, less energy will be generated… Read More »

5 environmental benefits of solar energy

Have you heard that solar energy is good for the environment, but have you ever wondered why or how? In this article, we will discuss the various environmental benefits of solar energy to help you better understand the impact of renewable energy. Environmental benefits of solar energy There are many different reasons why solar energy… Read More »

12 energy saving tips for your home

We asked 20 professionals in the green energy niche to share their advice and opinions on how we can save energy at home, either by switching to renewable energy sources or by switching to energy efficient appliances.From turning off the lights when you leave a room to investing in solar panels, here’s what they have… Read More »