Solar Industry Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Solar Industry Trends to Watch Out in 2021

In 2019, the highest number of solar installations had passed previous records, leading experts to project another significant year for the solar industry in 2020. But we all know what took place next. Instead of falling in the trend of solar power, it has the potential to bounce back for the year ahead. The following are five projections has recognized as upcoming trends in the New Year, depending on what we have observed so far.

Solar Will Continue To Surge, Even During the Hit of Pandemic 

The pandemic started in 2020 with a lot of challenges for the statuesque. Whereas the pandemic also affected the solar industry, implementing rigid safety protocols and adjusting digital business practices made all the modifications. 

With, following these changes at the starting stage, was the key to our success in the crucial duration. Online appointments replaced the conventional consultation process, and solar installers followed social distancing. As a result, each month, we have observed a hiking trend in the number of house owners ready to take charge of their electricity. 

Roughly 2% of U.S. residents are currently consuming solar energy, which means many potentials are left in the solar industry.

Consequences of Climate Change

Along with Global Pandemic, we have observed multiple natural disasters during 2020. The majority of them have a connection with climate change, like an expected wildfire season across the west coast and an unparalleled hurricane season in the Atlantic. This previous year indicated more than enough proof that environmental management and protection are essential than ever before. 

While the consequences of climate change do not seem to become lower soon, will continue to stay attentive to the evolution of how our world is being affected.

Sustainability Goals Become More Aspiring 

Companies across the nation enthusiastically welcome more sustainable practices, partially to lower the impacts of climate change. Due to this, many companies have made enthusiastic plans to significantly cut down carbon emissions, all within a challenging timeline. has had the honor to work with many companies to help them reach these goals. 

Just last year, installed more than 26MW of solar power for its clients. That is equivalent to carbon cut off by roughly 2.5 million tree seedlings grown over a decade. 

Energy Storage Demand Hikes

The future of green energy is here, and it begins with homeowners getting more dominance over the power they produce through their solar panels. When harsh weather hits and leads to blackouts from wildfire activity, heavy rains, snowstorms, and even hurricanes, it makes it more reasonable to have a backup for a homeowner in the form of a solar battery. Many homeowners find relief to have a backup energy system in hard times. As a result, we have observed a hike in demand for our Storage System product across the U.S.

Solar Industry Becomes More Economical

Solar Energy has become more common globally, and it is due to friendly amendments in the policies supporting its implementation. Consequently, the decision to switch to solar power has become progressively more economical throughout the decades. So much so that the previous year solar energy reached a new milestone, factually low costs. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statement, solar power has become the most economical source of electricity. This thing does not stop here, and policymakers also make policies to the federal level to benefit solar power consumers. For instance, we have seen the latest federal solar investment tax credit (ITC). At the start of this year, the ITC decreased to 22% of the total installed cost of a solar system.

Bottom Line

While we do not precisely know what will happen in the future regarding Solar Power, the indications show that the upcoming year could be proved as a successful year for Solar Power.

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