4 Steps to Get a Solar Panel System Equipped

4 Steps to Get a Solar Panel System Equipped

For house owners interested in equipping photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to their residences or commercial site, 2021 has already proved to be a supportive year for installing solar panel systems. Consider a solar energy system for your electric usage.  

Just before entering the New Year, Congress extended the cut-off date for the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC), which counterbalances the tax debt of many owners of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects. As a result, eligible solar admirers may benefit from a 26% tax credit for the cost of their system.

The following are four steps that will lead you to switch your system to a solar panel system.

Seek a Solar Installer

What is the best approach to get equipped with solar? Start with searching for the right solar installer for your residence. Then, ask for recommendations from your acquaintance that already installed a solar system on their residence or commercial site.

For popular recommendations, check out Freesolarpowerquotes’s nationwide network of approved dealers, who get specialized training to install our highly efficient solar panels.

Your solar installer will ask you to fill a questionnaire regarding your residence’s energy usage and electric bills. Every place has different dynamics regarding orientation to the sun, home space, weather conditions, electric use, and information regarding roofs like flat or pitched and composition (titles, clay, or anything else). 

Appraisal and Select A Financing Solution

After giving you an estimate of the installation, the installer will suggest solar financing options that can guide you by finalizing the best chance to qualify for the ITC and other state and local financial benefits.

Moreover, there are three major financing options: cash purchase, loan, or lease. All have their benefit, and your solar installer can help you finalize which one works perfectly for you.

In Contact with Local Authorities

Our expert certified installer or installation contractor will deal with all the formalities involved in installing a solar panel system at your place, including rooftop surveys and applications. Every local government has different parameters and building code standards, and they amend frequently. Our dealers are familiar with the procedure. They know how to tackle these formalities. Also, they have cordial relations with local permitting officers, which ensure your installation goes well with no disturbance. They also know the intricate details of working with local utilities and homeowner’s associations.

Install and Run the System

A project manager will ensure that you are kept informed throughout the installation process. Once a team shows up at your residence, the installation should not take more than three days, depending upon the installation’s size and scale parameters. Once the installation completes, an inspector from the utility or local electric authority will evaluate and approve your system. With that, you will switch your electric load on a solar power system – a clean energy system.

Bottom Line

Switching your system on solar panels is a long-term investment; you will also need to know about the warranty that encompasses your installation. Freesolarpowerquotes gives the best offer regarding a warrant of the solar panel system and develops an efficient solar panel system that saves you from scams or low quality. Mix-and-Match systems could cause you a severe drawback, leading to an increase in cost or failure of the installation.

We build solar panels with a solid copper foundation that helps them to function better than conventional panels. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions like strong winds, snow, and rain. Our panels are 35% more efficient as compared to other conventional solar panels.

Make a good decision for the installation of a solar panel system with us. Find out more details about how you can reduce your electric bills with an environmental approach.

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