12 energy saving tips for your home

We asked 20 professionals in the green energy niche to share their advice and opinions on how we can save energy at home, either by switching to renewable energy sources or by switching to energy efficient appliances.From turning off the lights when you leave a room to investing in solar panels, here’s what they have to say about the transition to energy efficient homes.How can you save energy at home?

1. Turn off all the lights when you leave a room.

A basic habit to develop and maintain is to make sure that you always turn off the lights when you leave a room. Remember this until you are used to doing it unconsciously. You can save a good chunk of your monthly electricity bills by doing something simple regularly.

2. Use LED lights

Many homes rely on smart LED lamps because not only are they stylish and affordable, but they are also much more efficient than halogen lamps.

3. Switch to efficient appliances

Two of the most energy-consuming appliances in a household are clothes dryers and refrigerators. If you replace them with more efficient models, you can cut energy consumption in half, thereby reducing your electricity costs. Another idea to reduce electricity consumption is the installation of heat pumps. In general, servicing and replacing the device will reduce your electricity consumption every few years.

4. Disconnect the devices from the mains

It goes without saying how important it is to disconnect devices when not in use. Do not put the devices on hold, but unplug the power plug and save electricity and the planet.

5. Reduce water consumption.

Some simple solutions to reduce water consumption could be taking a quick shower, using only the amount of water you need when cooking, and turning off the tap for a few seconds when not in use. not used.

6. Keep the thermostat at a lower temperature

Try to keep your thermostat below 17 degrees. This can make a big difference and save your energy costs. Using an intelligent programmable thermostat is even better.

7. Use smart automated devices

Smart automated devices can lower your energy costs even if you forget to do so. Intelligent automation systems detect when you are no longer using a device and cut off the power supply.

8. Use a double glazed door

Double-glazed doors and windows are a perfect solution for a modern home, as they can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions during heating and cooling and can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs.

9. Cook with the lid closed

It’s a super simple tip in everyday life to save energy. By cooking with the lid, you can significantly reduce the cooking time and water consumption.

10. Use a smart meter

With a smart meter, you can see how much energy you are using. This way you can track your consumption in real time and where you can reduce it.